ICT Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp?

A boot camp is an intensive IT training program that provides hands-on education and exam preparation, in a timely and cost effective manner.

What's Included With A Boot Camp At AntTech?

  • Award-winning training from the industry's leading certified instructors.
  • On-site certification testing with included exam vouchers.
  • The ability to attend multi-week boot camps over split weeks.

How Are Boot Camps Different Than Regular Training Courses?

The primary focus of a boot camp is skill development. Boot camps often combine several relevant courses and condense them into a period of five days to two weeks, over longer days. Some of the basic and redundant material in the courses may be omitted in the interest of time, because most boot camps cover the course materials under the assumption that the student already has a basic understanding of the underlying concepts. Time for taking the certification exam(s) is usually allotted during the boot camp.

Why Is Certification Important?

For IT professionals, certification is a third party validation of your skills, that helps distinguish you from your peers. Beyond demonstrating a level of competency and proficiency, certification proves that you are committed to your cause and that you.ve invested the time and money to prove it. Holding a certification also makes you a more valuable employee, and often results in raises, promotions, and better careers.
For organizations, certifications identify the credentials that you can use to hire the right employee. Many organizations also offer training and certification as motivators and benefits to staff members, while enabling those employees to maintain their IT skills for the betterment of the business. Having certified employees also increases sales by proving to prospective clients that you have the skills to support your claims.

Why Should I Join A Boot Camp?

  • To advance your skills.
  • To save time.
  • To save money.
  • To further your career.
  • Learn from professional.
  • Learn more in short time.
  • To build a sustain career.
  • To get certified.

Ant.tech Boot Camp Course

# Course Name Duration Course Fees (BDT)
1 Web Design [HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap] 6 classes 5,000
2 PHP Framework [Laravel/Codeigniter], MySql 10 classes 7,000
3 JQuery [bootstrap] 2 classes 1,500
4 cPanel 2 classes 1,500
# Course Name Duration Course Fees (BDT)
1 MS Office 4 classes 1,500
2 Advance MS Excel 6 classes 4,000
3 MS PowerPoint Presentation 2 classes 1000
4 Basic Computer & Internet 1 classes 500
# Course Name Duration Course Fees (BDT)
1 CPA (Make money online) 12 classes 5,500