Software Development

AntTech has been custom software development and the global delivery model over the years. We have expertise on the latest technologies to deliver cutting edge solutions. AntTech has software application development center in Dhaka.
We can be your extended IT-Arm delivering high-quality solutions, Custom developed to suit your processes. We constantly strive to improve quality and delivery model so that you get excellent software.

Customized Enterprise Business Support Services And Management Solutions

With help of our expert market research team, we know the business environments better; and thus, we offer most advanced and secured enterprise business support services and management solutions that make your business plans best delivering.

Enterprise Business Support Services:

  • Web development
  • Social Media Development
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development
  • B2B & B2C Consulting
  • Offshore Corporate Training

Enterprise Business Management Solutions:

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • CMS
  • ECommerce
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobility
  • Cloud Service and App Development

Our certified experts help you to identify the needs and to incorporate suggested software solutions to improve existing business model; and thus, its overall performance in terms of profitability, accountability, management and operations. The technical expertise, experience, perfection and knowledge in combined support our professionals to innovate result oriented business solution fine tuned to analytics of competitive business environment. Every business software solution by AntTech, with state of art training support designed to counter any application easy and effective.